Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

Why Ballroom Dancing?

Why Ballroom Dancing?

Jan 2, 2012

For starters, it is a lot of fun! Fun aside, dancing has so much more to offer than just a good time. The benefits of ballroom dancing have been well documented; Exercise, stress relief, self-confidence, social poise, and a creative outlet are amongst the many benefits you can receive from dancing.

A Healthy Heart
Ballroom and Latin dancing can raise the heart rate anywhere from 80 – 120 BPM (more for some of us). Sustained in 2 minute bursts over a 45-minute period, it will build not only your heart’s strength, but its endurance too.

Gym for the Mind
In recent, many prominent medical research centers have announced clinical studies highlighting the benefits of a regular program of ballroom dance both for fitness and battling Alzheimer’s. The mentally challenging aspects of dancing — following complex dance steps, moving in time and staying with the rhythm of music — is believed to be responsible for a decreasing risk of Alzheimer’s disease. – New England Journal of Medicine.

Toning Up
Ballroom/Latin dancing uses the perfect blend of isometric and isotonic resistance (the 2 ingredients to muscle toning). This is perfect for building beautiful tone in the muscles without building heavy muscle mass (a big concern for women).

Improved Posture and Confidence
Dancing also improves your posture, which gives you a more confident appearance and a better sense of balance. The social interaction builds self confidence, respect for your partner and better communication skills.

Strong Bones and Lubricated Joints
According to the American Journal of Medicine, the best way to avoid arthritis and remedy current joint discomfort is to continue to use the joints in a controlled manner. The beautiful rise and fall of the waltz demonstrates this beautifully. Dance aids in the prevention of osteoporisis, which is a major concern amongst women, especially during post-menopause because of the significant drop in oestrogen.

Stress Release

No matter what you do in life, you’ve got to take a break sometime. Ballroom dancing provides a temporary escape from the cares of the world and their pressures. A few hours a week of dancing gives you freedom, enjoyment and in turn leads to improved performance in other areas of life such as work or studies.

Quality Time with your Partner
Learning to dance with your partner is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and rekindle old flames. For professional couples who work long hours, ballroom dancing offers a way of bringing them together in a social and healthy environment. If you’re getting married soon now is the perfect time to start learning to dance for your wedding!